The music...

I've always been drawn to simple melodies that speak to you with very few notes. Growing up I was exposed to many styles of music and started playing the violin at age four. My diverse musical taste continued in my journey as a musician, dabbling in fiddle, jazz, hip hop, trip hop, pop, rock, and of course all the while maintaining a strict classical study regimen. 


This album is a culmination of all these genres I've been exposed to over the years. The first melodies were conceived when I was living in New York pursuing a degree in violin performance. Some of them came in the Virgin Islands and the album was finally finished and mixed by Colin at Mighty Fine Studios in Denver. My recording process was very spontaneous and much of the album is first takes. I believe there is something truly magical in capturing a melody the first time it comes into your head. Almost like freezing a moment in time with a photograph. After the melodies came out, I built upon them and added parts but tried to never go back and re-record the initial melody. All of these songs evoke images in nature for me and hopefully they will have a similar imaginative effect on you.


About Brett...

I currently reside in Denver with two cats Otis & Cleo and six chickens. When I am not writing melodies, I play in a classical rock crossover string quartet I founded called 'Spinphony' and also run a music entertainment company for private events called Oncue Entertainment. Gardening, coffee, taking pictures and walking in nature are all good things as well. 


© 2017 by Brett Omara.

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